The Glasgow Forum of Faiths was founded in 2002 to bring together leaders of faith  communities and civic authorities to discuss issues of mutual interest and to work for the good of Glasgow.

The Forum also seeks to promote mutual understanding of the teachings, traditions and practices of different faith communities including an awareness of their  common ground and a respect for their distinctive features.

The Forum’s members represent the main religions in Glasgow.
Bahá’í Buddhist Christian Hindu Jewish Muslim Sikh

Membership is open to interested individuals and organisations from the major faiths


The work of the Forum

  • discussion meetings on social issues;
  • promotion of good relations / community cohesion;
  • visits to places of worship;
  • assistance to multi faith civic ceremonies;
  • provision of advice to public bodies;
  • acting as a consultative forum on local issues for local government;
  • regular newsletter

The Forum is serviced by Glasgow City Council

Forum of Faiths Declaration

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