declaration-scanGlasgow Forum of Faiths


The current world situation has exposed the fragility of inter-faith relations and the need for an initiative that helps faith communities to listen and build relationships with each other. There is also an urgent need to show the general public that religion should not be a source of strife and that inter-faith activity is worthwhile.

The Forum of Faiths will bring together civic authorities and the leaders of the main faith communities who have subscribed to this Declaration, to work together for mutual understanding and the good of the City of Glasgow. We hope the Forum of Faiths will contribute to a better understanding of shared religious values.

The Forum of Faiths will:

a) work towards a framework within which faith communities can offer help and support to each other

b) bring together leading members of constituent faith communities to discuss issues of common concern

c) support and encourage events of a multi-faith and multi-cultural nature.

The Aims of this initiative are:

a) to promote mutual understanding of the teachings, traditions and practices of different faith communities in the Glasgow area including an awareness of their common ground and a respect for their distinctive features

b) to recognise the problems experienced in the practice of any faith within the local community and to work together for their solution

c) to work for harmony and peaceful co-existence and to promote dialogue and friendship between people of different faiths

d) to oppose prejudice wherever it exists in the local community

e) to work with faith groups and other inter-faith organisations for shared religious values within civic society.


(the Declaration is signed by representatives) on behalf of the Baha’i faith, the Buddhist faith, the Church of Scotland, the Roman Catholic Church,  the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Hindu faith,  the Jewish faith, the Muslim faith, the Sikh faith, Starthclyde Police, and by the Lord provost on behalf of the City of Glasgow,

The orginal Declaration can be viewed at St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art