Nae Danger- A resource pack for young people

image-for-pub.jpgBarnardos Scotland have produced Nae Danger an animated film and resource pack made by young people in FACE [Fighting Against Child Exploitation], part funded by Scottish Executive.

The purpose of the Nae Danger resource is to raise awareness of sexual exploitation, risk and keeping safe and highlights the dangers all young people potentially face. The pack focuses on risk and personal safety and covers issues such as internet safety, grooming and how young people can develop safety strategies in order to keep themselves and their friends safe.

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Deaf Women and Community Safety

It’s a well known fact that women are more likely to experience violence and abuse from someone they know and often in their own homes.   Much has been written lately about women’s “fears” of street crime being unfounded and not a real reflection of the types of violence they experience.

Whilst the above statistic is true, it is often stated in a way that can minimise or ignore women’s experiences and concerns about their sense of street safety. Continue reading

Community Safety – Equality Bulletin Issue 11

The next issue of the Bulletin will be a themed issue on Community Safety. What do you think we should include?  do you know of projects that are doing innovative work?  are there issues that you think have been overlooked regarding equality issues?  The magazine focuses on the work going on in glasgow – but examples from other cities or countries are also welcome.