Nae Danger- A resource pack for young people

image-for-pub.jpgBarnardos Scotland have produced Nae Danger an animated film and resource pack made by young people in FACE [Fighting Against Child Exploitation], part funded by Scottish Executive.

The purpose of the Nae Danger resource is to raise awareness of sexual exploitation, risk and keeping safe and highlights the dangers all young people potentially face. The pack focuses on risk and personal safety and covers issues such as internet safety, grooming and how young people can develop safety strategies in order to keep themselves and their friends safe.

The pack is made up of an animated film on DVD as well as a large selection of board games, games and activity sheets including wordsearches, codebreakers, storyboards and question sheets all made by young people.

The resource has been piloted in Dundee and Fife schools with S2 and S3 pupils with rave reviews. During the Nae Danger pilot these strengths have been outlined

Nae Danger Strengths

·    Young people enjoy it and relate to it because it has been made by other young people
·    The variety of materials included in the pack means that you could potentially use them over a long period of time
·    The quality of the materials was excellent and would mean that they would last
·    The pack focuses on risk and personal safety as well as focussing on sexual exploitation therefore could be used to highlight other risks and other elements of a personal safety programme
·    The pack could also be used and would be highly relevant in a Community Education setting and could be delivered by youth workers.

Testimonials and quotes from young people involved in the pilot;

‘It makes people want to watch it rather than being a boring documentary’

‘I liked the animation’

‘It told us what to do if it happens to us’

‘It gives a warning on what can happen’

‘It was made by young people’

‘I like the fact that it was from a child’s point of view’

‘I think the film was very good and educational’

‘I think the film was good, cause it helps me think about the things that keep me safe’

‘I think the film was very good, cause I have never heard about sexual exploitation and now I know’

‘It makes you more aware of danger’

Testimonials and Quotes from staff involved in the pilot:

‘I thought it clearly indicated the dangers without terrifying young people into thinking that every adult is a threat’

‘Using animation was excellent as it appealed to the audience and really quickly highlighted the fact that there was an evil aspect to what was going on.’

‘Plenty to keep a large class occupied for a number of weeks’

‘The animation was excellent. It really had impact’

‘Games were well produced, easy to understand and play’

‘I was concerned that some pupils may find subject difficult/embarrassing but this was not the case’

‘Stimulated discussion, raised awareness’

‘Excellent film and materials’


Our intent is that every young person of secondary school age in Scotland has the opportunity to work with the Nae Danger materials.  The resource can be used in many settings for example within schools, alternative education, community groups, as training for foster carers and within Social work. Nae Danger can be used in both a group setting or on a one to one basis as a therapeutic tool.   Every professional who works with young people could potentially use this resource.

If you are interested in finding out more about Nae Danger or other resources that Barnardos have available then please contact Emma Preston on 01382 432931

[Other resources include Stay Ok, an animated DVD around Safe Touching suitable for Pre school and Primary school children and Being a Witness, an interactive CD Rom for young people who are faced with being a witness in court.]

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